January 17, 2017

Menu Planner

I am a little late getting this post up! It seems that January may be the month of not one full school week for my kids. We have had sickness, snow and regular school holidays! And more of those to come!

Today, my Long & Foster office held our 2017 kickoff sales meeting! Full of great motivation and excitement.

Check out my real estate website for links to my current listings. They are fantastic! 

Here goes with this week's menu planner....

Monday....Steak Tacos (We use this recipe for the marinade only)

Tuesday....White Bean Tortellini Soup, Grilled Cheese

Wednesday....Weelicious Chicken Teriyak-wee, Roasted Brocoli

Friday...Meatball Subs (leftover from the freezer)

Sunday, Monday & Wednesday are still family dinner nights. You can read more about that here.

January 9, 2017

Menu Planner

Oh my goodness! We got 7-8 inches of snow in Richmond over the weekend. It have to say it was a very relaxing low key weekend inside. I finished a book and started another. Cooked soup and drank wine by the fire.

We have eaten almost every morsel of food in the house, so I am hoping to get out to the grocery store later. Here goes with this week's menu planner.

Monday....Slow Cooker Minestrone, Salad, Blueberry Muffins

Tuesday...Oven Baked Tacos

Wednesday...Italian Sausage Pasta (this is as simple as cut and brown Italian sausage, mix with store bought sauces serve over fresh pasta),Salad, Bread

Thursday...One-Pan Jambalaya

Friday...Simple Homemade Meatball Subs, French Fries

December 16, 2016


Hello blog! I have thought about typing up a quick post for weeks now but one thing or another keep coming up. So today I am sharing a bit of what we have been up to recently.

We have a new arrangement in our family room that I LOVE! We ordered another couch to match the one we already owned and also two chairs, a new big coffee table and now we have comfy seating for everyone! The room is very rectangular and the previous arrangement was definitely off! The new furniture really warms up the space!

Last weekend, Camille had her first gymnastics meet in Northern Virginia! She had been working so hard and did awesome! Here is a quick video of her on bars.

After her meet, we stayed over at the Gaylord National and on Sunday morning went to the ICE Exhibit! It was really neat! Highly recommend checking it out! I love the whole National Harbor area.

Then last week, Clyde performed his first grade musical. He was Cranky, the kid and was very into his part! He did a great job!

I am going to try to get back to sharing my menu plans the first of the year. But I have made some new recipes that have been good that I thought I would share today.

My sister, Kate made this Chicken & Dumplings recipe first and said it was yummy. I have since made it twice and it is a hit. Very easy too!
Easy Slow Cooker Chicken & Dumplings

This chili is really tasty...be sure to use low sodium chicken broth or less salt. Mine was a little salty!
White Bean & Pork Chili

Anyone have a great breakfast casserole recipe for Christmas morning? I am always looking for something new to try!

Sorry for the lengthy post! Happy weekend!

November 4, 2016

November Meal Plan

I am still on my family dinner kick that started in September. It is working out well and making dinnertime much less stressful. Clyde has tasted a few new things which is a plus! I have a couple family dinner books on hold at the library, after looking at those hopefully I can fill in the rest of the calendar!

Chicken Teriyak-wee
Lasagne Soup
One Skillet Sausage & White Bean Gnocchi (use less oregano)
Hamburger Soup
Chicken Broccoli Casserole
Meatball Recipe
Homemade Chickfila Nuggets 

Hope you have a great weekend! 

October 2, 2016

October Meal Plan - Week 1

Clyde: "Mommy, is tonight an assigned dinner?" Michael and I have been laughing about his terminology. I think it comes from the fact that they have assigned seats on their school bus. We are still moving forward with our family dinners three times a week. I must say it is nice to have it fully planned for an entire month but it took me quite a bit of time yesterday to get my plan figured out and I am still short two family dinner meals at the end of the month! I have linked the recipes below.

Chicken Tortilla Soup
"Fried" Green Beans
Chicken Teriyak-wee
Homemade Chickfila Nuggets
Honey Roasted Sweet Potatoes
Sauted Spinach
Quick Ham & Bean Soup
Spicy Sausage Pasta 
Avocanana Muffins

We had the Weelicious Chicken Tortilla Soup tonight (it was yummy and easy) and Avocanana Muffins which were requested from Camille. She made them this summer in a cooking class at Young Chef's Academy. Here's how I deconstructed their meals, I got this tip from Dinner: A Love Story. Clyde ate all the chips and some of the muffin. Camille had one and a half muffins, all the chips and most of the cheese. We have been allowing Clyde a back up meal but give him only one or two options that we have selected and that we know he likes to choose from (pastrami slice, turkey slice, blueberry gogurt, clementine).

In other news, we decorated inside for Halloween. I cleaned out my attic last week only to discover that Halloween is second to Christmas in terms of the number of decorations we own!  Do you see our kitty, Piper, snoozing? She has been very interested in all the decorations on that mantle and most of them have seen the ground a few times. 

If you have any dinner meals that you family loves, please share them! Hope you have a great week!

September 19, 2016

September Meal Plan - Week 3

Happy Monday! It is a rainy one here in RVA...good for everyone who has already planted their grass seed! We are behind in that area! However, we have been staying right on track with our meal planning. I think it is going pretty well. There is much less stress on the nights we all eat together and I LOVE just making one meal! As with most things I try to improve Clyde's eating, they work beautifully on Camille and not as well on Clyde. I would not say he is eating more things now but  Rome wasn't built in a day and he is getting exposure to new foods and last night was using his fork to mash up his baked potato. He didn't taste it but I will take it!

On this particular night, I added in the side of pepperonis to the pizza grilled cheese and fries for Clyde. He didn't touch the grilled cheese, ate all the pepperonis and some of the fries. Do you see his side salad? I consulted a pediatric dietician once about his pickiness and she said to provide the smallest possible pieces for tasting. Those are actually probably a little big! Camille tried everything and asked that I put more sauce and less cheese on the grilled cheese for next time. I consider this a win!

Here are last night's plates! Clyde is meat-eater, Camille loves veggies! If only we could combine them.

As a reminder, here is our menu for the month! PS...I made the Chickfila nuggets and they were good. Michael, Camille & I all liked him. Of course, Camille does even like nuggets from Chickfila and she ate them. Clyde does like Chickfila nuggets and would not touch them. Sigh....

September 4, 2016

September Meal Plan - Week 1

My real estate broker has said there are two new years in a calendar year. One on January 1st and one on the first day of a new school year. September is another time to make new goals and resolutions.

I am a short order cook. I make three different dinners, lunches, breakfasts. It is tiring! It has made me so sick of cooking and preparing dinner. Camille eats only fruits and vegetables, Clyde is extremely picky and eats mostly meats and Pepperidge Farm Goldfish! My new school year goal is to prepare one dinner meal for our family three times a week. Because of our evening sports schedules, we will have to start with three days and also it is probably a good way to ease into the new routine. I doubt we are going to sit down the first night and have two kids in the clean plate club. But I need to do this to simplify the evening routine and also more importantly to get our kids trying new foods.

After some searching on Pinterest, I planned our entire month of family meals. I tried to pick dinners that had at least one component that one of my children will already eat. For instance, tonight we are having pulled pork. Both kids like pulled pork (win!) and Camille will eat corn. Some night's recipes may be a little bit ambitious, for instance Skillet Beans & Rice. Clyde likes kielbasa, Camille likes beans... but it could be a reach.

A blogging graphics master I am not so it took me a while to figure out how to include an embed pdf file into my post. Hopefully you can see the plan below. I put the family dinners in bold and they are on Sunday, Monday and Wednesday. I will try to fill in the other nights each week. And I will report back on how things are going! I don't think it is going to be easy but I hope I don't give up!


Recipe Links:
Pepperoni Pizza Grilled Cheese (I plan to use Italian Bread instead of Texas Toast)
Copycat Chick-fil-a Nuggets
Crispy Broccoli
Baked Apples
Chicken Broccoli Alfredo
Skillet Beans & Rice with Kielbasa
Baked Parmesan Zucchini
Homestyle Mac & Cheese

I created a Pinterest board with more family dinner ideas, click here to view. Wish me luck!