February 26, 2010

Headboard Project

Well after dragging my children to every discount store (Marshalls, TJMaxx, Ross, AJ Wright, Tuesday Morning, Target and JCPenney) in Richmond trying to find that perfect bedspread for that bargain price, I found it at Home Goods. Success! Now we can discuss the headboard.

Last weekend, my fabulous husband helped me create a fabric headboard for our bed. I really could not have done it without him and he was the mastermind behind hanging it. He researched online and discovered the "French Cleat" was the best method for attaching to the wall. We used 2 inch foam and batting on the board to make it more substantial. Here are some pictures of us creating....

Cost & Supplies for the project:
Batting, Foam, Spray Adhesive: $51
French Cleat Supplies: $7
2 Yards Fabric from U-Fab: $20
Wood: $25
Staple Gun & Staples: $0 (Already had in the shed)
TOTAL: $103

In my searching for a new bedspread, I also found some new lamps and pillows.

Bedspread: $40
New Shams: $26
Lamps from Marshalls: $60
Box on Nightstand from Marshalls: $2.50
Pillow on Bed from TJMaxx: $10
Pillow in Chair from Ross: $9
TOTAL: $148

Total bedroom update...$250. Not too bad...still need pictures and curtains but will have to wait on those for now.

Bedroom Before (Please excuse Cougar on the bed)

Bedroom After

Check back tomorrow...I will have my weekly menu planner. Went to the grocery today and Camille was so so naughty! Oh the terrible 2.5's! The child rearing book is in the mail...hope it arrives soon!

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