October 20, 2010

Camille's Room Clean Up

I have started thinking about Christmas and all the new toys that will come into the house. Camille's bedroom is for sleeping but also for playing. The amount of stuff sometimes seems overwhelming...where does it come from? I swear it multiplies overnight. I purchased 3 new drawer bins from Target. They are on-sale for $5.99 each right now. We made three piles just like they do on all those organization shows...one for donate, one for attic (saving for my new niece who was born last week) and one for trash.



We made a room for Mimi, Camille's Lovie, in one of her closets.

I purchased reusable food storage containers from the Dollar Tree to help us organize our crafts.

Still a lot of stuff but it feels much better and there is even one empty bin and the Halloween stuff will go back in the attic so there will be more room in Camille's closet for whatever Santa may bring.

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