November 23, 2010

Gammy's Birthday Dinner

Last night, my sisters and I made dinner for our mom for her birthday. It was fun. Here are some pictures of my table settings.

I cut tags out of grocery bags and then used a stencil to write relevant words and mom's age, birthday, her grandmother name, Gammy. Then I tied them around the napkin and silverware with brown ribbon. I had the placemat and usually think of them for spring and summer but I thought they had a rustic fall look in this case. The leaves are from my yard and the pumpkins are leftover from Halloween.

Don't forget to look in your yard for FREE greenery when decorating & entertaining. Save money on flowers.

The kids table....I found these cute placemats at TJMaxx for $2.99 each. I used our leftover Dollar Tree toy label supplies and let Camille and Clyde make these signs for Gammy. It is sorta like a word scramble!

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