April 27, 2011

Michael's Birthday

Camille, Clyde and I threw Michael a lunch time birthday party! The kids had a great time and Camille asked Michael...."Daddy, is this your best birthday ever?". To which he of course replied "yes!". 

We had party hats!

Yes..that is a bruise on Clyde's face. He is all boy and fearless so constantly has bumps & bruises!

A good time was had  by all! 

We didn't splurge on a sitter this year, so I made dinner for us. Click here to see our menu. I am not a big fan of shrimp (really I don't like it and never eat it) but Michael loves it so I decided to give it a whirl for his birthday. Still not a fan but I did manage to try a few pieces.

I got these plates for free from a friend of my Mom's. I think they are so neat.

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