May 5, 2011

Boys will be Boys!

I grew up in a family of three girls and don't get me wrong we got in our fair share of trouble but girl trouble seems to be different from boy trouble. So when I had my own kids first came Camille and she was so sweet and quiet and she followed all the rules. Then 21 months later, came  Clyde and woah nelly now I understand why the proverbial they say "boys will be boys."  Last week, in a time span less than 24 hours, Clyde broke the below items....a nice Kate Space vase that was a wedding gift,  a cute fan shaped dish that was from my grandmother's house,  and the monkey that I sprayed painted last year. You may remember when he destroyed Camille's cute toy labels. You can read it about it here.

I am shocked by the adventure and fearlessness! Here are just some of the highlights we have caught on camera.

Standing in the water table

Making calls on my cell phone from on top of the dining room table
Mostly likely about to jump off this chair!

And even though he has destroyed my living room couch with bleach, created a masterpiece with crayon on a wall in my kitchen; his big eyes and chubby cheeks I can't resist! Boys will be Boys!

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