May 25, 2011

Class and Trash

I recently visited Class and Trash on  Route 1 in Hanover, VA. I had Clyde on my hip so I don't feel like I got the full experience. I will definitely be back. Here are some pictures from my visit. I took them with my cell phone so excuse the quality.

Coffee Table $28. Loved the scale and side design. Thoght it would be cool painted.

Dish $6

Tons of Glassware

Kid's Chair $16

They even had toys! Clyde was interested but we left it in the store. $18

I liked the size and shape of these trays. Would be fun to paint a bright color.

View of the upstairs.
I could have spent hours there. It was lots of fun to look and the prices were good. Here is what I took home.
White Vase for $6.

Framed Painting for $15. Plan to use in Clyde's Big Boy Room.

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1 comment:

  1. Dont you LOVE that place! It is definitely more fun without little ones! You really need to spend time searching through all the trash to find the class!!!