May 9, 2011

Menu Planner

I had a great Mother's Day weekend that involved a ton of yard work and Michael even spent some time on the roof!
Here is our pile of yard debris that needs to be hauled away!

I just couldn't resist posting this.
Yesterday, my sweet niece Alice was dedicated at church. Here is a picture of the cute family. Stay tuned because  my sister, Anne Hunter is working on a blog. She has it all designed...we are now waiting for the first post.

Anne Hunter had a brunch at her house after Alice's baby dedication. We had quite the photo shoot and here is my Mother's Day photo attempt. Clyde was not really feeling the photo and so went down to play in Anne Hunter's den. Shortly after, we discovered he had colored on the couch in PERMANENT marker. Oh good times! Read about his other escapades here.

Here is what's cookin' for dinner this week...

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