June 8, 2011

Diversity Thrift

I have been making the thrift store rounds and recently made the trip to Diversity Thrift. I started in the glassware section and quickly realized that I needed a cart.

There is so much to take in and I am sure I missed some great items. Here are some of the treasures I did spot.

Candle Holder (the glass part is wrapped in bubble wrap here)

Framed Fish Drawing for $10

New Monogrammed Decorative Flag for $2.50. If your last name starts with O, X, U or I. :)

Lamp with Polka Dot Shade

$3 White Platter

Signs for $1 each

Cute Outdoor Table for $65

Set of Chairs

Here is what I did come home with.....all for $24.

$8 Candle holder that is missing the glass votives. I plan to hang outside near our patio and hopefully find votives at the Dollar Tree

I loved this basket purse and it was a steal at $1.25. I have already removed the monogram and Camille's Mimi is currently napping in there.
Dora & Ariel plates at $1 total, Doilies for crafts less than a $1, I love these glass dishes $6 for all 3, Square baking dish for $1
Place mats for $.50 each. I may frame them or try to wash and use as place mats.

Butterfly Tray for $3, Vase for $2 and Glass Tray Dish for $1.
I will definitely be back. In fact, maybe today or tomorrow because there is something I didn't get that keeps coming back to mind.


  1. You should try HOPE Thrift out in the Lauderdale Shopping Center off of Patterson.

  2. I have been to Hope. That's a good one. It has been awhile...I need to go again.

  3. Hi Alyson - For votives, the dollar store is a good idea, but also Michael's Crafts, Pier 1 and maybe World Market. I found some good sales there and made citronella candles for them.

  4. Thanks Lindley! I checked the Dollar Tree and they didn't have what I was looking for. I was going to try Garden Ridge and I like your ideas also. Thanks for the tips!