June 14, 2011

Oh my those tomatoes!

So my tomato plants are now my height. Now, I am not too tall but I had no clue that tomato plants could get to be 5'6"! As a recap...here is what they looked like in April.

And now....

I think I will stop fertilizing! We have a bunch of tomatoes on them just waiting for them to turn red. We also have one squash. Does anyone know when squash are ready to pick? I am also not sure about Camille's carrots and how I will know when those are ready.

We also have a bunch of cilantro and used it last weekend to make this great guacamole. And I never did  a weekend recap post...so here goes. I had a great weekend that involved helping first time home buyers find their dream home. So excited for them. We also spent a fair amount of time outside and I did get a project or two completed. Yea!

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