November 3, 2011

$4.98 Necklaces!

My mom and I were out "thrifting" this morning while Camille & Clyde were at school. We stopped at the Family Thrift Store on Midlothian Turnpike and I found two necklaces for $4.98 each. I am really excited about them.

First up...this wooden bead necklace.

My necklace from Family Thift $4.98
 It reminds me of some that I have seen on that are still affordable but more that my $4.98.

Vintage Orange Wooden Necklace

Wooden Necklace 2

I also found this multi-strand bead necklace. I really liked the color combination and the clasp. Not bad for $4.98.

And speaking of jewelry, I am really liking the new line from Kayce Hughes. Check it out here.

My mom and I also hit up Love of Jesus Thift Store. Check back tomorrow for what we found there.

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