November 8, 2011

Bar Keepers Friend

After reading a post on Richmond Thrifter, I was inspired to try Bar Keepers Friend on my bedroom dresser pulls. A while ago, I tried Brasso on some pulls in my living room and I thought it worked pretty well. The bedroom dressers were given to us by Michael's grandmother and I have been trying to think of a solution for the pulls, should I paint them or just get new ones? Well it wasn't an easy task but Bar Keepers Friend shined them right up. I have only done three so far (18 more to go!) and you can see by the clock that it took me about an hour and a half. (Side note...I was interrupted probably 20 times in that hour and a half.) I may get the liquid cleaners because it seems easier. I made a paste with the powder and used a toothbrush. The key may be to have a wet surface and I kept getting the toothbrush wet. I also considered soaking the pulls in a Bar Keepers Friend liquid to see if that would remove some of the tarnish first before I started working with the toothbrush. I did a quick google search, and I also read that soaking brass in two parts white vinegar and one part hydrogen peroxide would remove tarnish. So I may try it!

I am really happy with the results. And the can says you can use it on stainless steel and ceramic cook tops, tile and grout. So I may have some other items to try to shine up. I found it on the bottom shelf in the grocery store and it was cheap!


  1. We use it to clean our stainless steel pans when they get tarnished - its the ONLY thing we have found that works!

  2. Have you ever tried it on a stainless steel appliance like refrigerator? Was considering it for that but I am not sure it would be any easier than those stainless steel wipes.

  3. I LOVE that stuff...I use it to shine my sink once a week. I haven't tried it on anything else yet...let me know how it does on stainless steel appliances. Some of those wipes leave a film of which I'm not a fan.

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