November 17, 2011

Gobble Gobble!

We are getting turkey crazy over here! We have made quite a few crafts involving that Thanksgiving bird!

We were running low on supplies, when we made these  hand print turkeys. Only red and orange paint and no construction paper. We used a cardboard box for the body and red felt for the gizzard. (Side note...gizzard has become the most fun word around here!)

This was my inspiration photo for the pine cone turkey. Everyone in the family would write what they are thankful for on each feather.

My sweet Camille is of course thankful for Mimi!
Camille kissing her very loved Mimi! She is the best Mom ever to that 10 inch stuffed elephant. And yes...Mimi is wearing a strapless dress and beaded necklace in the picture.

Cougar even got in on the action and she is most thankful for cat food and sleeping on Camille's bed. Yes...she also loves our bed....she gets around! ;)

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