December 6, 2011

New Mantle Decor!???????

Here is a picture of my living room mantle before. I found the old vases at Stein Mart at least 5 years ago and my sister, Anne Hunter, helped me arrange the peacock feathers.  I have been tired of the look for a while.

I found the vases in the below picture at Marshalls on clearance for $10 a piece. I really like them better and then just added a few of the peacock feathers. My mom says she is not in love with the look. So now I am doubting myself. 

Any opinions out there? Should I go back to the old and return the new? I thought of removing the peacock feathers in the new but it seemed so bare. Maybe I could put something else in the vase? It is basically the same idea as before but with different style vases so does it even look that different???


  1. Maybe something with more green to pick up the green in the picture and it would be festive for the holidays.

  2. I like it! I like the clean lines of the vases and the whimsy of the feathers. I like the clean lines with the vases with the traditional picture frame give it a more youthful look!