March 11, 2012

Beds Bunked!

Last summer, we moved Clyde to a twin bed and swapped Camille and Clyde's room. Read more about that switch here.  Around Christmas time, a family friend generously offered their train table to Clyde and with that addition his room was getting cramped.  We had been considering bunking his beds for a while and over the weekend we made the move. Here is a quick before shot...the train table isn't shown here but imagine a much larger table where the white table is in this picture.
Clyde Bedroom After

And after.....

It is so much better! There is actually space to play. Now there is still some concern that someone may fall off the top bunk but so far so good.

Clyde Bookcase

Clyde Closets


I found these adorable school chairs at Diversity Thrift today for $3 each!

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