March 19, 2012

Coffee Table Found!

I have been on the hunt for a coffee table with cleaner lines than the round table that was currently in my living room. The round table was actually my first wedding present, a gift from my grandmother, and so it has a lot of sentimental value. I am definitely saving it because one day I may find a new spot for it in our house.

Last week, I ventured over to Class and Trash and found this great table for $18. It was buried under another table and quite a bit more classy trash. I immediately noticed it seemed to be in fairly good condition, sturdy and the size was right. I also was attracted to the bronze detailing on the legs. And how could I resist an $18 price tag. 


When I got the table home, I wiped it off with a dish liquid solution. I normally like to use white vinegar and water but was out of vinegar. Then I took an old toothbrush and some Brasso and scrubbed the brass detailing on the legs. The toothbrush helped make this process quicker but it was still not the most fun task on the planet. I then took a wood filler pen and filled in some of the chipped areas. After that, I wiped on a coat of dark stain that I had on hand. I let that dry overnight. Then the next morning I used Old English on the entire piece.

Here is my after...tilt your head a little and the picture will appear straight.



Sun was really coming in here...sorry about the picture quality.
I really like it as a new addition to the living room. I found these decorating books for $1 a piece at For the Love of Jesus thrift shop. And I just noticed I left the price tags on that actually say $2 a piece so there must have been a sale on books that day because I only paid a buck!