April 28, 2012

Michael's Birthday

Weeks ago Camille decided she wanted to throw a surprise party for her daddy's upcoming birthday. She decided on the guest list and one morning we went to Michael's to pick out stickers and paper for the invitations. She kept it a huge secret and didn't give away the surprise. Here are some pictures from the event. I tried to take a video of the surprise moment but my camera died so I got a 5 second video in which poor Clyde is wearing shirt only - no underpants or pants (guess he was using the potty when it was time to yell surprise) so I will spare you that prize winning clip. Invitation Decorations Camille Clyde Happy Birthday Sign

Camille helped with the decorations...I wrote the words in pencil and she traced with her paint brush. She did all the other decorating on the page.
I served this recipe for dinner and it was delicious...not a low calorie meal but a tasty one!

You can read about Michael's other birthday celebration here and here.

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