April 10, 2012

Weekend Recap

I had such a fun Easter weekend that included meeting up with friends from college at the playground, old co-workers from Circuit City for lunch at Can Can as well as two Easter egg hunts and celebrations with family. Oh and I can't forget today is day 5 of potty training Clyde. And I don't really think he has it mastered yet....this morning may have been the first time he actually screamed at me "I NEED TO GO POTTY." So maybe he is getting it! Cross your fingers.

It is spring break here and I was lucky enough to get a spot for Clyde & Clyde in FREE swimming lessons with the Morgan Swim School. They are training their instructors and I happened to be one of the first to respond to email announcing the promotion. So I am excited about that... yesterday was day one and it went better than expected especially with Clyde.

I woke up yesterday with a cold so I didn't get to the grocery store and I am half way through my menu planner so I am skipping that portion of the blog this week. I am not trying anything new this week...just some old standbys like store bought tortellini and tacos!

Here are a few pics from our weekend....Enjoy!

This looks like a good time but to keep it real Clyde cried through most of this exercise. Camille enjoyed herself.

Family Photo!

Camille Clyde Flowers
Clyde insisted on wearing his new Spiderman glasses. I am not sure the look reallys coordinates with my sweet Camille who wanted to hold a flower for the picture.

Egg Hunt #1...fun with cousins.

And they are off....

Egg Hunt #2...old pros at this point.

My mom's pretty backyard!

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