August 6, 2012

Weekend Recap & Menu Planner

My in-laws have a sailboat at Fishing Bay Yacht Club in Deltaville, VA. Michael and I used to go on the boat all the time before we had kids. This weekend we went on a kid's cruise and took Camille & Clyde. It was for the most part a of our little sailors came down with a fever but stuck it out pretty well. We left Saturday mid-day and anchored near this small island with shallow water right off the sandy beach. We slept on the boat that night and returned to Deltaville the next morning. We had gorgeous weather.

Here are a few pictures from the trip...

With boat bags in hand...packed & ready to go! 
On our sail over
Our Pirate Princess
Our Sick Sailor
Makes a recovery in the water with Moe! 
We still managed some technology
Good times! 

Here goes with this week's menu planner....

Tuesday - Camille's 5th birthday & party & perhaps dinner out! 
Wednesday - Barber Chicken Breasts, Risotto & Green Beans
Thursday - Fiesta Turkey Soup & Green Chili Biscuits (carry over from last week)
Friday - Turkey Burgers & Fries

We are hosting a princess tea party for Camille's 5th birthday tomorrow. usual I have gotten very carried away with the planning. Hope to post pictures of the party this week. Also, getting a great new listing in the Tuckahoe School district. Stay tuned for all the details! 

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