October 26, 2012

Bird Love?

My mom and I attended Realtorfest on Tuesday of this week. It was great and I loved hearing the keynote from Mike London. After the morning session and trade show,  I have to admit  my mom and I skipped out and we hit one of my favorites, For the Love of Jesus Thrift.

Here is what I found....I think my total was around $10.

The owls were $1 for the pair of bookends.

One is missing an eye.  I can't decide whether to paint them or not? And to be honest, I am not even sure where to put them but I liked the look.

These birds were a little pricier at $4 each. And even though they are a little scary looking, I was still attracted to them. I think they are brass but I am not sure I will try to polish. That is so much work and honestly I don't have that kinda time these days....I may just paint. My mom liked them as is so maybe that is how they will stay.

And because I am also very attracted to glassware, this could not be left in the store for 50 cents.

I thought it would be good for silverware if having a buffet dinner or make up brushes or cotton balls. Who knows.

Happy weekend everyone! Sandy is a comin'! Yikes! Hope everyone stays safe. I have a few sewing projects on my list for the weekend. Got all my supplies today. Hopefully I will be back next week with details.

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