October 3, 2012

Grocery List

I really had a "duh" moment a few months ago, when reading Barefoot Contessa At Home. She discussed how she made her grocery list...diving the page into sections...produce, meat, dairy, frozen, dry goods etc. For years, I had been making a list that went line by line something like this tomatoes, frozen spinach, eggos, butter, deli turkey, bread, strawberries. I didn't shop in order of the list but I was always forgetting something or having to go back to get strawberries that were on the bottom of the list because I didn't see them when shopping in the produce section.

How simple...just divide the page into sections and as I plan my menus I add the ingredients to the proper section. So easy! Then when I get to the store, I start in the produce section and get everything on that section list and so forth. No more scanning the list up and down for all the produce. Most of you probably already do this and are thinking how silly that she didn't figure this out sooner! For those of you who don't, hope this helps.

1 comment:

  1. I would never have thought about it either, but I learned from my mom. She didn't do the sections just by aisle. I shop the same store pretty much every 2 weeks so I kind of know the store. I can make my list from back to front and if I don't know I throw it to the side (most of that stuff in the middle I can't remember! :) Happy shopping!