November 16, 2012

A good slipper?

 I love a good slipper. That sounds strange doesn't it? Anyway, since I work from home and on a daily basis balance my children, my house and my job I like to be warm and comfortable. I have been slipper shopping for the past month or so and can't pull the trigger. Here's what I've uncovered. 

Lands' End

Slipperooz by Kohls

Sequins Bow Tuxedo from Kohls

I have had the Lands'End Skimmer in my cart on numerous occasions but didn't purchase. I think I will end up getting those but I also really want either the pink from Gap or the JCREW Moc. A dressy slipper and a casual slipper? This is sounding crazy maybe I need to get out more.  Any others I need to consider?


  1. Ugg. Best slipper you've ever put your foot in. But def get one with a hard sole (you know, so you can take out the trash and get the mail and maybe or maybe not take the kids to school)

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