November 20, 2012

Easy Update


And After.....

I finally found a spot for my owl bookends. I like this better than the monkey which was broken in the back. I found the dish at a yard sale and the books for $1 each at the Habitat Restore. I just went there for the first last week and will be going back. There is so much stuff there. Here are a few pictures from my trip.

Tons of Bird Candle Holders. They say $30 as the original price and Restore has them for $4.99

I contemplated this for a long time. It was $25 and I have been on the hunt for a new 3 drawer dresser for our bedroom. But I left it in the store. I was worried it may be slightly too large for our space. 

New artwork...can't remember the price $10 or less I think. 

Tons of College Sports Goods and all of those Wine Glasses have Fleur de Lis' on them. 
And there was more...this was just a small sampling. Check it out! 

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