November 1, 2012

Scenes from our Halloween

Luckily the storm didn't have much impact on good ole RVA. My thoughts and prayers are with those farther north who did not fare as well.

We spent most of Sunday, Monday and Tuesday inside and so it was nice to get out and trick or treat last night. Here are some pics from our week.

We kicked things off with a birthday party for Mimi. 

Thanks goodness Baby Alive couldn't make it.  I was able to attend in her place. 

We played in the sink
Did puzzles

Carved pumpkins and made a pillow pile...what is so fun about that? 
Made Ghost Pizzas...which Camille loved and our darling Clyde wouldn't touch
Ate Ghost Cakes from our sweet babysitter Miss Ally
Got ready to trick or treat

It has been a good week but I am happy to have a few hours to myself this morning for work and errands. Hope everyone had a great night.

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