November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving in Pictures

With the recent election, Camille has turned to polling. This one is "which do you like better...Halloween or Christmas." As you can see Christmas wins by a landslide and Clyde has two loveys so they both got a vote!  
I made these for our Thanksgiving celebrations

The finished product

Coloring pages found via this pin on Pinterest.

Doll houses from cardboard you can see both loveys have been put to bed. 

This provided so much entertainment!
60 glasses for my Mom's birthday! 
Found at Diversity Thrift for 10 cents a piece! I bought 19 of them. 
Love the detail and vintage handmade look! 
Also found this at Diversity Thrift....but could only find one. I really wanted to do some more scouring but the fam was yelling to leave! I love it and it has no markings or anything to search for another online. It reminds me of the ones found here on Little Green Notebook and I would love to have two for either side of some artwork in my dining room. 
Christmas Tree in Lobby of Hotel Roanoke. First picture taken with my new iPhone! Woohoo! Love that thing. 

Downtown Roanoke. We ate at this great restaurant called Metro.

Chilly willy game in Blacksburg that resulted in a loss for the Hoos! Boo! And the need for....
Battery operated socks. My friend Lindley came prepared! I may have to invest for the next Blacksburg trip. 
Our tailgating spot was in the backyard of this house where Michael lived his last year of college. I remember many a trip to this house to his faux wood paneled room and tiny bathroom shared by 3 college guys! No good. 

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