January 16, 2013

Liebster Award

A few weeks ago, I was nominated for a Liebster Award. This is given to bloggers who have less than 200 followers. Blogs are nominated by fellow bloggers, and there are no winners (just hopefully more followers). It’s a great way to get our names out there and have our friends follow or discover other blogs.
The Liebster Award Rules:
1. Post 11 random things about yourself.
2. Answer the questions that the nominator sets for you.
3. Create 11 questions for the people you nominate.
4. Nominate 11 blogs that you follow (also with less than 200 followers). Link them to your post and let them know that they have been nominated.
5. No tag backs!
So, without further ado, here are the 11 Random Things about Me:
1. I met my husband, Michael, in high school and we have been together for 17 years...married for 8.5. Michael transferred to my high school as a sophomore and we became friends and then started dating our senior year. We went to separate colleges and continued dating through out. We got married about 4 years after college. 
This is actually before we started dating but one of the earliest pictures of us. What babies! 
2. I have twin sisters who are almost 3 year younger than me. We all live in Richmond and I see them and my mom often. 

3. My dad was diagnosed with a rare cancer when I was in sixth grade. He had ups and downs throughout the remainder of his life but always remained positive. He passed away when I was pregnant with Camille 5.5 years ago. 
Picture from the surprise 30th anniversary party we threw for my Mom and Dad. 

4. My favorite show growing up was Three's Company!  I have seen every episode probably twice! Ha! 

5. I love a bargain. I have shopped at TJMaxx and Marshalls for as long as I can remember. My mom used to take us there growing up. My idea of a perfect afternoon would be browsing one of these discounters without kids in tow of course! 
Image Source

6. My daughter, Camille was born 3 weeks early. I started having contractions at 5 am but didn't know if they were real. I called my doctor and didn't speak to my usual nurse,  she said it probably wasn't labor so I went in to work. At my desk, I tried to finish up a few things but the contractions started getting worse and worse so I went home around 11 am. I called the doctor again and this time they told to come on in! Camille was born that night. Side note...Clyde was born 2 weeks early and the 37th week seemed like an eternity since I was expecting him to arrive just as early as his sister. 
Camille on her first day home from hospital in a dress my mom and I both wore.

Clyde on his first day home from the hospital in one of the outfits  my dad wore.  PS...comparing these pictures they almost look the same baby! 
7. I have never been ice skating and don't really have any desire to try it. I was a horrible roller skater and hated birthday parties at Golden Skate World. 
8. I am not a big exerciser but LOVE my Richmond Barre class. I go once a week and wish I had the time and funds to go more. 

9. Even though I do weekly menu planners and I feel like we have tons of variety in our meals, my favorite foods are still pizza, turkey sandwiches and hamburgers! 

10. Michael comes home for lunch almost every day and I love it. It is so nice to have him pop in during the middle of the day and I miss him on the days when he doesn't come home.

11. I love wine! Chardonnay is my favorite. I am currently buying Naked Grape in cases from Kroger so I can get the 20% discount. 
Source & Review

Questions from The Doyle Dispatch:
1. What is your biggest frustration with other people’s grammar? I don't get frustrated with grammar. I know there are a million grammatical mistakes and typos on my blog. 
2. Germophobe or germophile? Germophobe for sure and who would admit to being a germophile. Have you seen the urban dictionary definition of that word? It reads "somebody that always does disgusting things, such as eating things off the ground." Gross! But seriously, I am a major germophobe and one of the earliest skills my children learned was hand washing! 
3. Glue gun or sewing? A little of both! I am just learning to sew and I find it to be really gratifying. 
4. What was your favorite grade in school and why? Senior year was by far the best. I started dating my husband and really had the best time with my friends. I didn't want to go to college! 
5. If you could do anything other than your current job, what would it be? I would go back to event planning. I worked as a meeting planner for Circuit City and loved it! I currently still do some contract event planning work in addition to real estate. 
6. If money were no object, where would you live? Richmond, VA but just in a bigger house! We are out growing ours. Although I love our kitchen, I would love a master bath and a playroom! 
7. Describe your dream house. 4 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms with a large kitchen, living room, dining room, small den space, home office, basement rec room and large laundry room. 
8. What is one thing on Pinterest that you would absolutely love to make/own/do? Gosh, that is a tough one. There are so many awesome things on Pinterest. Maybe I would say, paint the brick on my house to look like this or perhaps this
9. Where is your favorite local place to shop? Clementine & Clover for clothes, Diversity Thrift for housewares. 
10. What is your worst habit? I don't know. I am sure there is one but I don't think that I will come out with it on my blog. 
11. What book, TV,  or movie character fits you to a T? I am stumped by this one...I probably need to ask Michael. 
Questions for my nominees....

1. Describe the best vacation or trip you have ever taken?

2. What is your favorite drugstore makeup or beauty item?

3. Social media you can't live without?

4. What is your favorite meal to prepare?

5. Television show you can't miss?

6. What is the last book you read?

7. What is one skill you wish you had?

8. Why did you start blogging?

9. Favorite season?

10.Three words that describe you...

11. What is your favorite dessert?

And now, the Nominees:

1. the little black door

2. Tufts and Stuff

3. Refresh & Repurpose


5. Spark!

I know that isn't 11 but a lot of the blogs I follow already have many more than 200 followers so I went with ones above that I really enjoy reading. 


  1. Alyson, THANK YOU! How fun!! I am honored! And suddenly ready to write a post!

  2. omg! thank you, Alyson! I have been off the grid dealing with a family emergency. what an honor! i will put together a post when i get my act back together! i loved this post!

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