January 9, 2013

Thrifty Sisters Opens On Patterson

My mom called me right before Christmas to ask if I had been to this new thrift store called Thrifty Sisters across from the Dollar Tree on Patterson.  She said the prices were great and they had some really neat stuff. I had never heard of it and my mom was the one who introduced me (at a very young age) to thrifting so I knew her word was good.  Yesterday, I had a few minutes before picking C & C up from school so I decided to check it out. Thrifty Sister's proceeds benefit Little Sisters of the Poor.

I took as many pictures from my phone as possible. I think the sales people there thought I was a loon.

This green velvet chevron couch is so out it is back in. I considered it because my couches are covered in a combination of Danimal smoothie, crayon and goldfish stains and this was certainly in better condition and a good value at $95. 
Thought these prints would be cute for a nursery. $5 each. I didn't buy them because there will be no more nurseries in this household. 
Thought this would be cute for a little girl's room or playroom. Can't beat $3. 
Could be cool for the right place...a boys room perhaps? I think they were $3 each...maybe $5
This was pretty and had the box it came in. $20
Love this corner shelf and I almost purchased it...$15
Love the green ceramics...the bee vase was $7 and that was too much for me. I probably would have bought it for  $4.  That is how I cheap I am. The pitcher was $15. 
These sconces were really good...one was $20 and one was $25. I think because the plastic candle cover is missing from one. I really wanted them but it would involve wiring at my house and more money so I passed. 
I thought this dress had potential, only $7 and in emerald, the Pantone Color of the Year. 
This is awesome...I think $300! 
This could be neat with the right paint treatment. I can't remember how much. 
This is what I came home with...$5 each. Not sure where I will put them. Stay tuned, I will find a place eventually. 
Thrifty Sisters also has tons of books. glassware, dishes and some toys. Christmas items are 50% off right now and I saw tons of new inventory in the back ready to be put out so a return visit is definitely in my future.  I have found a new store to add to my route and as an added bonus it is really close to my house.

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