February 26, 2013

A home renovation

Last week, I was fortunate to get a great listing near Willow Lawn and it sold first day on the market because my clients, Dawn & Scott did such an excellent job with the renovation. Dawn shared with me before pictures that she took and I have posted the afters! Such a cute Cape!

Before Living Room

After Living Room
Before Dining Room

After Dining Room
Before Kitchen

After Kitchen
Before Kitchen

After Kitchen
Before Bathroom

After Bathroom
Also, many thanks to Mary with Montague Media & Marketing for helping me with the photos. I know her photos also contributed to this quick sale.


  1. They really did a wonderful job on their renovations. You could us this as an example of how homes need to show to get a quick sale. I recently saw something that said price gets interest, staging gets offers.

    Mary really did a great job with the pictures and I saw the video as well and that looked great.

  2. Love the yellow paint in your living room! What color is it? Great job with your renovations!

  3. What a beautiful transition! It's great that you posted the before and after pictures. No wonder it been sold so easy. The kitchen is definitely my favorite; it looks more spacious than before and the light fixture is so cool. Thanks for sharing, by the way! This is a great tip for owners who want to put their house on the market.

    ==Kip Whitehead

    1. Thanks Kip. Didn't they do such a nice job? Thanks for reading.