February 17, 2013

Around Town & Menu Planner

Camille & Clyde play soccer at SCOR on Saturdays. SCOR happens to be right around the corner from my favorite, Diversity Thrift. On a couple of occassions, I have left Michael will the children and headed over for a quick look. Here are some of my finds from this week. I left all of this stuff in the store so it could be still available for the Richmonders.

Really cute...I think it was $125

New relish dish for $6

Cute little desk...would be cute painted for a kids room. Can't remember the price.

Needlepoint picture...this was huge and $25. I loved it but didn't really need it.

Greek key plates $3 for all of them
Here goes with week's menu planner...

Monday - Chicken Fajitas

Tuesday - Chicken Lo Mein (carry over from last week)

Wednesday - Night off...work appointment

Thursday - Tilapia Piccata, Risotto, Salad

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