February 12, 2013

Found at the Goochland Goodwill

On Monday, my mom and I were out in search of a small mirror for Camille's room. We picked Camille up from school and set off for Thrifty Sisters and Hope Thrift. Turns out both are closed on Mondays! How disappointing!

And then my mom, the queen of thrifting (she once got a Herend figurine at a retirement home yard sale for $1), remembered they opened a new Goodwill in Goochland. So we headed that way.

It was so nice and organized. Lots of good finds there....

First up...the mirror  we were originally on a hunt for. I am going to paint it some color/pattern to be determined. Price $3.25

7 gold charges for 85 cents each. I use these a lot instead of place mats. I previously only had 4 and often borrowed from my mom. Now I have 11...odd number but I usually only need a max of 10. Ignore Dr. Doll and Baby Alive they were having a tea party at my dining room table. 

Cute Valentine glasses 65 cents each. 

Camille loves to eat off of princess plates. 65 cents! 

New Target Happy Birthday Banner...99 cents. 

New Target Genuine Kids by Osh Gosh Dress  (Target) $5

"Vintage" Kelly Kids Skort $1.99

Gap Kids Dress $1.99

Children's Place Navy Cord Blazer $1.99. This is a horrible picture but it is really cute in person. 
Richmonders...the address is Goodwill Retail Store Goochland, 1650 St. Matthews Lane
Richmond, VA, 23233. It is out Broad Street on the right before the Food Lion in Goochland. 

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