March 6, 2013

Oh Betty!

If you follow my blog, you know I recently procured Betty, a large and in charge needlepoint picture, from my favorite, Diversity Thrift.

I was so attracted to the colors, the flower design, the size and the unique needlepoint texture. I initially left her in the store but about a week later after seeing some of Diversity Thift's facebook posts, I discovered she was still available and thought perhaps it was meant to be! I picked up Betty for twenty bucks!

And now she lives in Camille's room....

The side was unfinished so my mom suggested attaching ribbon with a glue gun. It worked perfect! 

I made the pillow with fabric I picked up at yard sale last fall for $1! 

And there they are....Camille & Betty happy as can be! 

See how I made over the desk here.

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