April 12, 2013

This week's highlights

I have had one of those weeks where the laundry I started on Sunday and usually finish on Monday still had loads on the floor to be washed today, Friday! The weather has been so nice we have been outside enjoying it. And this is my busy season with work and I have a really great listing coming up next week. Stay tuned for that one!

Here are some highlights from our week....

We started thinking about our garden. I found these pots at the Dollar Tree and we planted seeds in them. They are the cardboard like pots that you can pull off the bottom and plant directly in the ground. Not sure it will work...I don't have much luck with seeds but I always try to plant them directly in the ground which  I don't think is the correct way.

 But I thought it would be fun for Camille & Clyde to watch grow.

I registered Camille for Kindergarten yesterday. So excited but I can't believe she is old enough to go...already getting a little weepy thinking about her first day!

Last summer, Camille took an art class at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts and they selected her artwork to be on display this summer. I am so proud of her.

Happy Weekend! I think it is going to be gorgeous here in RVA! We have lots of fun things on tap...hope you do too!

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