May 30, 2013

A Bath Visor & New Facebook Consignment in Richmond

Clyde had always been fine having his hair washed and rinsed in the tub. No issues. Then one day something switched and we battled to get the soap out of his hair. I don't need to go into all the details but trust me when I say it was pretty stressful for both of us! So after a few more episodes, I invested in this bath visor. A little pricey, yes. I thought Michael was going to croak when he saw the price. But taking over bath time didn't seem to be an option for him ;) and then he saw how AWESOME this thing is! It truly works so I am glad we splurged. Clyde loves to wash his hair now! Win!

Kair Hands Free Bath Visor

Silly Boy! 

In other news, my friends Candice and Jennifer started a consignment page on Facebook for those local to Richmond. It is called Richmond DIY Consignment and I just posted my first item on there. It is a closed group so you have to be invited by email. If you are interested in joining, send me an email at and I can have Candice and Jennifer add you to the list. It is a great way to sell children and adult clothes, baby items etc.

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  1. Thanks Alyson! Hopefully you guys will find some great deals and sell some stuff too!!