May 9, 2013

Family Arts

Camille & Clyde both had their spring programs at school this week. So cute to see those little ones sing. They did such a great job. After each performance there was an art show. Here are a some snaps from our week.

Camille also celebrated her pretend birthday (hence the crown) at school since she is an August baby.
Clyde was hilarious with one hand in his shirt pocket and the other in his pants pocket!  

We celebrated with lunch at Toast after. Clyde was all over Gammy with the kisses! 

My sweet grandmother, Gigi, has been taking a pottery class at her retirement home. She knows how much Camille loves elephants and this was her first creation. She named her piece, Camille.

Isn't it great? 

She also made this adorable bird's nest for Clyde. It looks so great sitting on his shelf. In the background, you can see a needlepoint picture of Virginia that Michael's grandmother created. Love having something from Nana in Clyde's room as well.


  1. I absolutely love Gigi's pottery! I think she may have missed her calling! Those look fabulous! Miss you all!

    1. Thanks Ally! Didn't Gigi do such a great job? We miss you too!