July 5, 2013

Sandbridge Boat Parade

We spent another wonderful holiday in Sandbridge, VA with my in-laws and mom. We were there for Memorial Day and participated in a parade on land. We came in third place in the golf cart decorating competition. Read more about that here.

For the 4th of July, the Sandbridge community knows how to do it right. We were a part of a boat parade. It was so much fun and a great activity for the entire family. This year's theme was Pirates. My in laws have a pontoon boat that we transformed into a pirate ship. Here is a recap of the transformation.

Our "before" shot

My mother & father in law devised the plan. The pirate flag is from Oriental Trading Post, Laundry Basket for the Crow's Next and a black shower curtain for the sail. 

Hard at work cutting electrical tape for our sign

Witch of Pungo was the name of our boat. Pungo is the name of the area. 
Pirate gear from Oriental Trading

Nash Family Pirate Ship. Will you please check out the adorable baby strapped to the back? 

The spectators

Our Captains!

We didn't win. There was such tough competition. But such great family memories for the kids! After the parade there was an awesome fireworks show! We had the best time.

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