July 12, 2013

Summer Science Experiments: Build A Volcano!

The same best buds who recommended the butterfly garden gave Clyde a Smithsonian volcano kit for his birthday. 

This was a really fun project. I forgot to get pictures of the initial steps but we (Michael) basically built this volcano with cardboard bases, a plastic eruption tube, string and plaster strips that you get wet to create the actual volcano. Camille and Clyde watched for a lot of the steps but when it was time to paint out came their creative sides. The kit does not provide enough paint so we used some of our own. This kept them entertained for a while. After they were done with the volcano they resorted to their hands as shown below. Also, please excuse my finger that was over the part of the lens! 

Once the volcano dried, we filled the eruption tube with baking soda, food coloring and vinegar. 

Next up: Make your own bath salts!

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