July 16, 2013

Summer Science Experiments: Make your own bath salts!

Camille and I checked out The Girls' Spa Book from the library. We picked the make your own bath salts recipe from the book mainly because the ingredients were easy to obtain from the Dollar Tree. We considered making bath bombs but it calls for citric acid which sounded scary. Although after some research, I determined citric acid is harmless and even used in canning. I checked my Kroger for it but was unsuccessful so we made our salts then returned the book. ;) 

I can't remember the exact recipe but I believe it was a mixture of Epsom and sea salts, baking soda and food coloring. 

The container also came from the Dollar Tree. 

 Camille designed the "logo" from a card we already had on hand. 

Phew! That's all I've got in the summer science experiment's department. Anything fun you have done with your kids?

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