July 24, 2013

Window Boxes

I don't think our home has the best curb appeal. For a while, I have been thinking that a window box may help. There is a pretty long list of other more expensive things that would improve the curb appeal but window boxes will do for now. Michael finally got on board with my suggestion and as an anniversary gift made me window boxes in one afternoon! Woohoo for a husband who can build things! He used this tutorial as a reference.

Drilling holes for drainage

I let Camille and Clyde help paint. Whoa! That was a mess...we filled the bathtub with clean water twice and they still had paint on them for days! 

Attaching to the house

Because of their size, the window boxes would not fit the standard size plastic containers you can purchase to hold the plants. 

I did some research online and a bunch of people recommended using garage bags. I cut holes in the bags to match those in the wood for drainage. I used a few thumbtacks to hold the bags in place. 
My mom and I took the Camille & Clyde to Strange's to purchase the plants. They were wild as jack rabbits that day so I am surprised we could even think. I used this picture from Pinterest as inspiration.

And here is our final product.....

Now we just have to keep everything alive!