September 3, 2013

We made it! First Day of School!

We made it through the first day and my sweet girl was smiling as she got off the bus! Phew! And she gave me tons of details about her day. I am feeling like one lucky mom.

My niece Vail is on her bus and came to our bus stop so she could sit with Camille. This made things much easier! 

Clyde missed her like crazy! He was asking me all day when is Camille going to be home. We even had to drive by the school to see if we could see her on the playground. He was in charge of Mimi and made this bed for her. #meltmyheart

There has been a lot of talk about Camille starting kindergarten but this sweet boy starts his last year of preschool tomorrow. We met the teacher today. He is going to do great. 

There goes Clyde running up the street to meet the bus! 

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