December 28, 2013

Our Christmas in Pictures

 We started the Christmas break with a trip to the Great Wolf Lodge, Michael, I mean the children, love it  there. This year, my sister Kate and her family joined us which was fun!  

We picked Camille up from Pajama Day at school and headed straight to the Lodge. Clyde didn't want his sister to be alone so also donned his PJs. 


Santa at the Great Wolf Lodge

From the Great Wolf Lodge, we headed to Sandbridge for a few days to stay with Michael's parents. Michael's sister and family were for one night as well. The kids are very close in age and love playing together. 
We stopped at Norfolk Waterside for lunch on the way. 

We visited Hunt Club Farm for their Winter Wonderland. This chicken popped right up on Moe's shoulder. 
Delicious Christmas dinner by Neena. Love the elf driving the boat! 
Neena made these cute reindeer pancakes for breakfast. They were a hit! 

Monday, we were back home to quickly make cookies for Santa and attend my mom's annual Christmas Eve party. 

Santa made an appearance at Gammy's party
Then it was the day we had been waiting for....

Clyde got a new bike! 

Camille an American Girl doll

Our day was filled with family gatherings. 


On the 26th, I hosted a fun girl's night and made this great casserole. Super easy to prepare in advance and a hit with everyone.

We still have more to do....Camille, Neena, Gammy and I are headed to Tysons Corner for lunch at the American Girl store. Then we are attending a fun New Year's Eve party. I hope everyone had a great Holiday!

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