January 10, 2014

Some of my new favorites for kids

I have been planning this post in my head for months now and am just now getting around to writing it. I planned and researched and carefully thought out everything Camille was going to need for kindergarten (psycho mom). The backpack decision took months and for some reason we glazed right over the lunch box. We used an old one we already had and it really didn't work so we got a new "purse-like" one the first week of school. Well then it turned out that she didn't want a juice box for lunch, she wanted water, which was great except we had to find the right size water bottle for our new purse/lunch box and one that DID NOT LEAK! After reading tons of review on Amazon.com, we purchased this one by OXO.  

OXO Twist Top Water Bottle
It has been the best water bottle. It fits perfect in the lunch box, doesn't leak, can go in the dishwasher. I just ordered two more! 

My kids love our iPad and here are some of our favorite new apps.

Endless Alphabet. This has been a great app that has helped Clyde learn his letters and sounds! Our favorite is the "R" and "U" sounds.

Granny's Kitchen. I have no idea how we stumbled on this app but both Camille and Clyde love it. Especially when they have to give Granny a kiss. 

Christmas Carol. We have been playing this since before Christmas. Michael somehow found the game and Clyde is OBSESSED! You follow clues around these different settings and then win tools after completely different riddles and challenges. 

Also, just picked up these Jessica Simpson boots for Camille on sale and they are so adorable! She is super picky about shoes and the fit. She loves these!

Happy Friday! Have a great weekend. We are trying out American Tap Room tonight based on Whitney's kid's menu review. I will let you know how it is! 

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  1. I'll have to check out the give granny a kiss app. My 7 y.o. usually just downloads apps from her favorite characters; this could be a little more brainy. :) Great find on the water bottles too!