February 26, 2014

Real Estate Stats in Area 64, Chesterfield County

More real estate sales stats coming your way! Last week, I featured sales data from Area 22 in Henrico County. Today, I am looking at Area 64 in Chesterfield County. As a review, here is the map of the areas in Richmond. Area 64 is not limited to but includes the neighborhoods up and down Robious Road.

Similar to Area 22, the price per square foot is up tremendously from January 2013 to 2014. This slide also shows that Henrico tends to be a more expensive county with an average list price to square footage figure of $143 in January 2014. It has been said you can "buy more house for your money" in Chesterfield County. 

Ratios are definitely up from 2009 and check out last July with a 100% close price to list price ratio! Woohoo! 

As mentioned in my previous post, inventory is low and there are many buyers out there looking for homes. This is leading to bidding wars and high close ratios. I believe we will continue to see more and more homes come on the market as we move into spring. It is a seller's market....now is the time to get your home ready to sell. 

Call me if  I can be of any assistance with your Richmond, VA home buying and selling needs. Also, contact me if you would like me to pull specific data for your neighborhood. Click here to view my real estate website with further information on my listings and sales. Next up, area 20 in the City of Richmond. 


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