August 28, 2014

New House: Curb Appeal

Everything takes time and money but I have made some progress on the front porch of our new home.

I found these great planters for either side of the front door at Garden Ridge (new name At Home.) So I would have not to replace every season, I decided to go with boxwoods and ivy for the plantings. I purchased the boxwoods at Great Big Green House. It was a little bit of an upfront investment but hopefully it will save money over time.

I currently have a shell door knocker. It matches my shell bathroom sinks but that is for another blog post! I have ordered this one in solid brass from House of Antique Hardware.

I also have plans to paint the front door a fun color! I am leaning towards a teal color.

Here are some inspiration pictures...
Source here

And one of these days, we would like to add more bushes to create a bed along the front of the house. My mom suggested relocating those large box woods to the end of each side of the house. But that seems like a major project....they are pretty big but also growing into the banister. 


  1. Fun door colors! I want a fun door too...we have a LOT of brick so I find it hard with all the red.

  2. I am biased, but I LOVE a turquoise door! :) Your new house is beautiful, Alyson!

  3. I like the elegant front porch. Lovely little trees will welcome visitors and the bunny adds a fun touch. Very cute. :) Thank you for sharing.

  4. When we buy a house, I DEFINITELY want to paint the door a fun color! I feel like it makes the house seem so inviting :)