August 8, 2014

New House: Playroom

A playroom was definitely on our wishlist for a new house. Our old house was 1800 sq feet and toys were everywhere! The playroom in our new house is a finished third floor that was previously an attic. It isn't perfect, it gets pretty hot up there in the afternoons and we are working through how to solve that. Hopefully it will be nice and cozy in the winter! After I picked up all the toys and got ready to snap my first shot, I realized my camera battery was dead so iPhone pictures will have to do for now. 

I found this great table on Craigslist for $25! The chairs are hand me downs from my sister's attic. Bins are from Dollar Tree and Bulletin Board is from Now is a perfect time to stock up on extra crayons and markers....soooo cheap at Walmart! 

We purchased the futon frame on Craigslist and bought a new mattress & cover from

Everything else in the room we pretty much had on hand. 

It may be a while before I can share another room in this house. Phew! So much to be done. Happy weekend! 

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