September 2, 2014

New House: Mudroom & Back to School

Woohoo! School started today! Here is my sweet girl headed off to first grade. Can't wait to hear about her day. 

And Clyde met his Junior Kindergarten teachers this morning. Full day tomorrow. 

Since we are back to school, I am sharing our mudroom today. It is in our basement right off of the garage. Previous owners used it as an office so there is tons of storage as well as electrical outlets. ;)  I would love to install the cubbies that are so poplar these days. But the project list is pretty long over here and that is not a priority. We purchased a few things for the space but mostly made do with what we already had!
The rug was used in Clyde's room at our old house. I found the leopard rug at Walmart for $1.98! Hooks and the bench we purchased at Lowes. Basket is from our old house but originally from Ross Dress for Less. The mirror was black and I sprayed painted it green then added some of the children's artwork on existing cork board.

This is a little counter next to the fridge that we found for a steal on Craigslist. Love having an extra fridge for adult beverages and freezer for bulk frozen chicken, ground turkey etc from Costco.


  1. The mudroom looks great! The closest thing we have to that in our little apartment is a coat rack and a couple of drawers for shoes... but those drawers are a lifesaver!

  2. I love the carpet in your mudroom, awesome color palette in this area. I especially enjoy the storage space, where you can neatly store away any hats, shoes, scarves, etc.

    1. Thanks! I think it turned out kinda cute working with what he had on hand.

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