October 10, 2014

New House: Foyer Updates

Now that my painting is complete, I have been trying to pull together everything else in our house. Spray paint has become my new best friend and many a chair, table and decorative item have gotten a fresh coat. The foyer was the easiest room to pull together and it is not completely done but works for now.

Here are the before shots....

And after.....I painted the walls Benjamin Moore's Revere Pewter and I love it! Remember this discussion about flush mount lighting. I randomly was looking at a Pottery Barn teen catalog and saw this fixture. So affordable, not easy to install (Thank you Michael! ) but I love what it does to the ceiling.

I purchased this fabric from Diversity Thrift for $2.25 about a year ago. I had these old prints in my attic. I loved the frames but the artwork was the worst. Click here to see it. I used the thrift fabric and ordered custom mats from Matboard Plus. I highly recommend this company, the mats were more affordable than Michael's or ACMoore and the quality was great.

I hung our wedding invite as well as the pencil drawing of our first house in one corner of the room.

 I snapped a few pictures at night and as you can see after much debate I went with a salmon color for the front door.

Still more to be done...artwork up the stairs perhaps? But certainly better for now.


  1. Entry way looks beautiful. I like all the little details. The mirror is a true eye catcher. The front door color matches some of the details in your pictures. :) Cute way of connecting the space.

    1. Thanks! It is getting there. I am really loving our front door color.

  2. It looks great! I love the idea to frame fabric! I've never thought of that. Happy Friday, Alyson!

  3. The light fixture is awesome -- love the look it gives to the foyer and ceiling.

  4. I love how the light fixture brightens up the entire foyer area - during the daytime and the evening! And it reflects off the gray so beautifully. Super inspiring and very noticeable update. Always fun when DIYs work out that way :)

  5. I really like the way it turned out! Your flush mount really helped in making your foyer look cozier. But I think it looks more magical at night. I can just imagine how the lights dazzle and show their brilliance in the dark surroundings. Thanks for sharing!

    Hope Underwood @ Level and Square Construction

  6. Your new house is immaculate! You did a great job in putting everything together. You mentioned something about more works that needed to be done, but I honestly can’t imagine how else you could make this place more beautiful than it already is. Well, I hope whatever your planned worked out right. Have a nice day!

    Naomi Walters @ Chicora Real Estate

  7. Love to see all the progress you have made with the house. Spray paint also became like my new best friend. So easy to use and gives a great finish. The fabric you used looks great and so affordable from diversity thrift. The old prints in the frame also make the whole room come together very well, just keep going!

    Jefferson @ T.J. Lamb Real Estate