November 13, 2014

Alexander's Antiques

Have you ever been to Alexander's Antiques? I've had a few friends win items at auction there. So when I was looking for a place to hide our computer router, network etc, I decided to check out Alexander's. 
I went on Thursday for the preview before that night's auction. Earlier in the week, I looked online and found a small corner cabinet that I thought would work. However a rookie mistake was made when I got to Alexander's and thought this was the cabinet I had selected online. So I decided to leave a silent bid for the item. When I got home and looked at the site again, I realized I put a bid on the wrong item! 

It was really this small corner cabinet I wanted to bid on! So I frantically called Alexander's and lucky was able to retract my bid and put a silent bid on the correct item. And I won it! If you ask, the staff at Alexander's will give you a range for the item and my bid was right above the mid-point. Also, if you are a first time customer, ask for a coupon. I believe I saved $25 off my winning bid.   

Here's the cabinet now in our family room. 

 Perfect spot for hiding all these computer devices! 

I did try the next week to bid on another item that was similar to this bamboo chair in my family room. I would love to have two matching by the fireplace but unfortunately my bid wasn't high enough that time. Oh well, it was not meant to be. Maybe next time. Have you ever bid and won? 


  1. You did so well with that cabinet! It is gorgeous!!!

  2. Too bad I'm too far! I'm near DC. Sounds like you did well!

  3. I've heard great things about that place! Alex and I are definitely going to try to go once we get in our new house!

  4. I live RIGHT there!! I have never been. Next time you go, call me so I can have a friend to go with!!