August 3, 2015

What we have been up to this summer!

Someone once said to me your kids need you more when they are older then when they are babies. This seemed crazy at the time but I have been thinking more about it as Camille turns 8! this week and Clyde turned 6 in May. More time helping with homework, teaching right from wrong, shuffling to activities and trying to cure a picky eater (Clyde!) That has left me with less time for my blog. I have written 629 posts for this blog...I really couldn't believe that and I love having the blog because it is fun to look back at older posts like this one from Camille's 4th birthday and this one from her 6th birthday. It is like a little family history. I also still plan my meals out every week but haven't been motivated to add them to my blog. I have tons of ideas for posts and I am hoping once we get back to school in September there will be more time. But for is what we have been up to this summer.

Time at Sandbridge....

Memorial Day Golf Card Parade! We won first place! 
Moe's 70th birthday! Comment from Clyde...."What? Moe is 70! He is almost 100!" 

Cousin time! 

Serious driver! 

Time for Swim Team....Camille's first year and she did great!

 Time for a wedding...My cousin Abigail got married and C & C were in the wedding!

 Time for a birthday celebration at the sisters turned 35 on the 4th!

I really dressed up for the occasion! Awesome dress that a friend purchased on eBay! 

Balloon Bonanza! 

This kid is adorable and so happy!

 Time with Friends!

Afton Mountain Vineyards

Dinner at Rappahannock! 

Time for Real Estate....I have joined a new branch of Long and Foster, The Westham office! Very excited about the change.

More details on this listing can be found here. 

A good summer so far and there is still another month ahead! Looking forward to more fun and I hate to say also very excited for that first day of school after Labor Day! Two kid's on the same schedule...this is going to game changing!

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  1. OH my!! The American dress is AMAZING!! Congrats on moving to Long and Foster. I work for Liz Moore down in Williamsburg and we are very excited about the change of the MLS soon! One question: do you guys stay down in Colington when you are at the beach. Looks like where we go!