November 3, 2015

My favorite products at ALDI and blu bags

I did a post last spring on the ALDI on Parham Road's grand opening. The other day at the bus stop, I was talking to some other moms who weren't sure what ALDI was all about. After that conversation, I decided to share some of my favorite items sold at the store. Here are what I think are the best deals....

Mixed Nuts for $2.79! 

12 pack of K-Cups for $4.49! 

Large Bottle of Spices for $1! 

Vanilla Extract for $1.99! 
Canned Beans for 59 cents!

I recently delivered pumpkins to past clients and found that ALDI had the best pricing.

At ALDI, customers need a quarter to unlock a shopping cart but you get it back when you return the cart. You are also encouraged to bring your own bags. I recently received a sample of blu bags and I love them! blu bags are stylish and reusable totes that are perfect for picking up your groceries at ALDI or Relay Foods. I didn't realize this but the average American uses 300 plastic bags a year and one bag can take 1,000 years to disintegrate. These bags are machine washable, fold up into a small pouch and can hold up to 50 pounds. Click here to purchase...they are $9.95 each or $27.50 for three. For every bag purchased, rockflowerpaper will donate for 20 cents to help Ocean Conservancy.

They were perfect for all my Halloween candy from ALDI.
I also really like that they will go over your shoulder. This is helpful as I am hauling files, kids, water bottles, trash from the car etc into the house. It seems my hands are always full.
I need to work on my selfies!

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