February 24, 2016

The Adventures of Camp Nana Papa

I recently received a copy of the children's book, The Adventures of Camp Nana Papa. It is such a cute story about Nick & Sarah and their relationship with their grandparents. My kids are so fortunate to have super fun and loving grandparents that happen to live at the beach and so we have Camp Neena Moe! The story reminded me so much of all the fun times my children have spent in Sandbridge with their grandparents and cousins. Swimming, shell collecting, boogie boarding, fireworks, boat parades, museums, playgrounds, aquariums and golf cart parades...we have done it all! Oh and I can't forget to mention eating what may be the state's best donuts!

Moe & Neena!

Memorial Day Parade

4th of July Boat Parade

Sleepover at the Aquarium! Major Bonus Points for Neena Moe!

My children (and their parents!) love the time spent at Neena Moe's Beach House! Reading this book made us think of all those fun times and get excited about the upcoming summer!

The Adventures of Camp Nana Papa comes with a cute firefly stuffed animal and a place for your child to write about their grandparents and their favorite activities when visiting their grandparents.

If you want to get a copy of the book, campnanapapa.com is offering 15% off their entire catalog with the promo code BLOGLOVE. Their shop includes the book as well as lots of cute gifts for grandparents and children. Check it out all the products here.

*I was provided a copy of the book, The Adventures of Camp Nana Papa. All opinions are my own.

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